Trocadero Strike Force is escalating its war to conquer the internet by opening up some new frontiers. They now have a both a youtube account (accessible by one of the red buttons to the right) and a entry. But they cannot win this war alone, so spread our youtube to everyone you know (friends and foes alike) and set your scrobblers to engage as you enjoy Awesome in a Box.


Hugo Gonzales


Trocadero Strike Force.

Welcome ladies, gentlemen, scoundrels and dollymops to this the grand opening of our brand new home on the world spanning æther-network. We celebrate this opening with no less than the release of our first official demo. Say farewell to the bug ridden, quality raping myspace player of yesterday: Download our music for free and enjoy it on your very own computer or portable music player of choice.


Yours truly

Trocadero Strike Force

Something is brewing in the shadier parts of the giant web of inter. It is not finished yet, so in the meanwhile, take a look at this!